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Clair Belmonte

I'm a creative writer/journalist.

Clair Belmonte is a freelance writer and editor who is always searching for a good story. She loves Chicago sports, SEO and digital marketing, finance, fitness, and any book placed in front of her.

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Sheryl 20sandberg article

Why Aren't More Women Wealthy?

Have you ever wondered why women represent less than 10% of the billionaires worldwide? This author explains why women are falling short and discusses how we can compete in this age-old boy's club.

Francis ha article

Francis Ha and Friendship

Best friendships can grow extremely close, and can be extremely devastating when they fall apart. Read on to hear one writer's experience watching a recent art film and reevaluating her struggling relationship with one of her closest friends.

Gisele 1 article

Gisele Fights Negativity in New Under Armour Ad

Twitter was in an outrage when Under Armour named model Gisele Bündchen their new spokesperson.

Colbie caillat try article

Colbie Caillat Feels Liberated By Au Natural Music Video

Reporting on Colbie Caillat's statements about the popularity of her new make-up free music video "Try."

Open uri20140428 23781 uvuoau article

How the Super Bowl Tackled Cancer » Hello Perfect

How the Super Bowl Tackled Cancer. by Clair Belmonte. 02/04/2014. If you were watching the Super Bowl this weekend (whether for the game, for the halftime ......

Taking on Anti-Bullying with Lizzie Velasquez

A call to action and promotion of Velasquez's Kickstarter, which will fund an anti-bullying documentary

Robyn lawley article

Australian Model Takes Anti-Photoshop Plunge

Reporting on Robyn Lawley's vow against Photoshop.

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Model Takes to Instagram to Show Company's Photoshop Faux Pas

Australian model Meaghan Kausman speaks out against Fella Swim's unauthorized photoshopping of her pictures.

Work Smarter, Dream Harder

Occasionally, we all have to let dreams fall to the wayside; when our attention is directed toward all of the things we need to do, we can lose track of the things we want to do. It's easy to get stuck in a routine, but these routines can stunt your personal growth and leave you overwhelmed or frustrated.

10527586 1475017169410629 5370772220771666631 n article

Confessing the Truth to Yourself

New website Charm Quiz develops an important quiz to help young women identify an abusive partner.

Open uri20140428 23781 uw501w article

What War and Peace Taught Me About Fear » Hello Perfect

What War and Peace Taught Me About Fear. by Clair Belmonte. 01/09/2014. The word “fear” and its synonyms or derivatives (terror, terrified, afraid, frightened) ......

Stop Planning, Start Living

Not everything works out exactly as planned; here's why you should put your plans on the back burner, and start living in the moment instead.

A Ballerina Facing Failure and Rediscovering Passion

An open letter to my former passion

Open uri20140428 23781 ctrq4w article

Aligning Your Personal and Professional Network » Hello Perfect

Aligning Your Personal and Professional Network. by Clair Belmonte. 02/21/2014 . While scouring career sites and searching for jobs, it's typical to stumble upon ......

What is the Right Amount of Needy?

Trying to make sense out of what makes a girl needy versus what makes a girl distant, and the effect that supposedly has on her relationships