Clair Belmonte

Clair Belmonte

I'm a creative writer/journalist.

Clair Belmonte is a freelance writer and editor who is always searching for a good story. She loves Chicago sports, SEO and digital marketing, finance, fitness, and any book placed in front of her.

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How to Avoid Writing What Every Other Blogger Is

How to be a unique blogger

Fisher house logo 704x400 article

Serving Veterans One Penny at a Time with Gear Up for a Cause ...

Serving Veterans One Penny at a Time with Gear Up f...

Productivity Hacks with RescueTime | Pagely® WordPress Hosting

Product and functionality review of RescueTime

Making Motivation Out Of Thin Air

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Can I Drink Alcohol and Still Be Healthy?

Ghostwritten fitness article for

5 Ways to Save on Student Loans

5 Ways to Save on Student Loans

5 Ways to Eat Healthy at Chipotle

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Is Eating Healthy Really That Expensive?

Ghostwritten by SoLivetheTrainer

Gear Up for a Win with Gear Up for a Cause

Gear Up for a Cause

How to Prevent the Holiday Calories

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Putting a Timer on Protein Intake

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The Big Plate or The Little Plate?

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How To Keep Your New Year Resolution

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How To Grocery Shop On A Budget

Ghostwritten for SoLivetheTrainer

Sheryl 20sandberg article

Why Aren't More Women Wealthy?

Have you ever wondered why women represent less than 10% of the billionaires worldwide? This author explains why women are falling short and discusses how we can compete in this age-old boy's club.